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Smart Under Range

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Smart Under Range


Sensation of Induction market begins
World's best magnetic induction heating permeation system
Introducing a new paradigm of kitchen culture with a worldly astonishing fundamental technology


Offering a spacious and comfortable kitchen environment with unprecedented technology

Magnetic induction heating system is....
Technology that transmits electricity with a specific frequency to the cooking vessel plaoed on the table to generate induced electricity and heat for the cooling


World's first magnetic induction heating system

Features of smart under range
  • Capable of cooking by placing a pot on wooden (Marble, glass) table top
  • Free to use on top of the bale by adopting a portable method of removing
  • No flame and no heats on top results no risk of fire burns
  • No risk of gas leaking and adopting a variety of safety function including heat detection
  • Suitable for residences, dining facilities and resorts, etc.
  • Better safety, economics and space utilization than the pre-existing ovens.


Impenetrate the thickness of 3.5cm
(thresholds 6.5cm) as being installed below the table


Combined design and mechanism of supercar




- Free to use on top and below the table by adoption a portable method




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NO flame and no heats on top results no risk of fire burns, Using magnetic induction heating system keeps you safe from noxious gas. Table naver gets hot with smart under range

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No worries on electric charges!
Costs 2-dollor in a month for use of every 1hour a day (in Korea)
Different from existing glass top heating type-electronic range Achieve over 90% thermal efficiency

Saving electronic charges effects by enormous heating speed compared with gas stove, oven highlighted Quick Turnover in Restaurants. No radiation creates a comfortable indoor environment in hot summer
- Time to boil 1.5L of water to 90℃: Smart under range -3m40s/Gas stove -9m20S